Acer to Launch Iconia W4 Windows 8.1 Tablet This Month

Acer's next-gen Windows 8.1 8 inch tablet is now official.

Acer to Launch Iconia W4 Windows 8.1 Tablet This Month : Read more
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  1. The fact that this model has a HDMI output means one can hook it up with a larger display for more comfortable usage with the preloaded Office. Does other 8" W8 tablet comes with HDMI output as well? While many vendors are releasing 8" model with preloaded Office, it is sort of a waste with such a small display. 8" form factor is more suitable for book viewing and video playing unless able to output to bigger display.
  2. Windows and 32GB - just no, and what's up with not offering SDXC at least.
    2GB RAM also a no. 1.8GHz processor
    I know there are WiFi SD boxes you could carry around, or external drives...
    Tell me why I wouldn't just buy a 'real' laptop for what this would cost with keyboard.
    I do think this is a improved Tab and the Office Home/Student is a real plus, I will wait for the hands-on impressions, but I just don't get this overall concept.
  3. Nice price love that these products are getting cheaper and cheaper.
  4. I read Windows 4 tablet. XD
  5. ^^ Let's not forget Windows 8 is realy NT v6.2
  6. @rwinches
    32GB storage space? You can grab back, around, 15GB FREE space with little effort. It might also STATE MicroSD at 32GB but it will probably work with the 64GB cards
  7. If I wanted a cheap tablet with low specs, I would buy an Android tablet. HD, i5, 64gb minimum
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