Best Single Graphics card for single monitor 2560x 1440p & 1600p gaming ?


I need to buy a new Single GPU graphics card solution for my new rig. I game but not a 24x7 hardcore. ( It will be great if I can use 2 or 3 Full HD monitors on it - but not essential. )

I also need the card to work on the Hackintosh at 1600p.
I know I cant future proof it - but I hope to use it for for 4 or 5 years.
If possible, I would love to use the Card for transcod/rip-ing DVDs / BluRays to MP4

In my mind are EVGA GTX 770 4GB ACX and EVGA GTX TITAN I can afford a Titan yes, but I am not sure if its worth all the extra money. Too bad the 780 only have 3GB of RAM

Also, does anyone know if EVGA still has the global warranty? Because, it looks like even after the shipment / currency / duties.. buying it from Amazon will save me more than USD 100. (I am from India)

thanks in advance & Here is my current config:

Intel Core i7 4770K
Asus Sabertooth Z87
Corsair Vengence 32GB (8GB x4)
Cooler Master Seidon 120M CPU Cooler
Cooler Master Cosmos II
Corsair AX1200 Power Supply
Areca ARC-1214-4i Raid Card
Samsung 840 Pro 256GB x4 (SSD raid 0 or 5)
Western Digital Red 3TB x4 (FreeNAS Raid Z or OS X raid 5)
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  1. Go for the Titan.That's the best and fastest Single GPU card.So,worth the price.You could brag about having the titan in your rig,and also,it's huge 6GB memory will be useful since you plan to play in higher resolution.
    Though,the 780 should be enough.But the having the Titan is like having a Bugatti...You'll get to be noticed... :)
  2. :-) Yes I know Titan will do it.
    What I am really interested however is to know if the 770 4GB will as well ?
    Because, if it does, I surely don't have any reason to spend money on titan. may be I can use the money to water-cool everything for silence?
  3. Well,if I were you,I'd be leaning towards the 780 rather than the 770.Since you can afford Titan,but is doubting its necessity,I'd say the 780 is your best bet.It's often called the Mini Titan. The 780 and 770 differs much in performance,with gaming performance varying upto 10-13 or fps often,with the 780 leading at the top.But when it's compared to the Titan,of course you'll be glad only to go for the 780,since the 780 and Titan delivers almost the same performance in gaming.The fps difference is small,which makes the 780 the better choice over the Titan,considering the huge price difference.But what makes Titan the best is its computing performance.
    Quoting from Anandtech review:
    "Titan, its compute performance, and the possibilities it unlocks is a very big deal for researchers and other professionals that need every last drop of compute performance that they can get, for as cheap as they can get it. This is why on the compute front Titan stands alone; in NVIDIA’s consumer product lineup there’s nothing like it, and even AMD’s Tahiti based cards (7970, etc), while potent, are very different from GK110/Kepler in a number of ways. Titan essentially writes its own ticket here."
    So if you're only into gaming and stuff,then there's no point in a second thought,the 780 is the one for you.But if you intend gaming,as well as some professional works,then the expensive big brother of the 780-The Titan is the one for you.
    Meanwhile,you can take a look at these reviews,which I found helpful doing research on this.
    GTX 780 review (780 vs Titan):,3516-2.html
    GTX 770 review (770 vs 780):
    Anyway,imo the 780 is the better choice over the 770and the Titan as well.But,like I said before,if you wanna brag about having the best Single GPU card out there on you system,then,yeah go for the Titan. :)
  4. I would wait for the GTX 780 Ti (supposedly it is being released mid-November) and see how that performs. If you refuse to wait, then I would recommend the Titan as that come in with a generous 6GB of VRAM, which will definitely help you with higher resolutions.
  5. R9 290x can easily beat d titan for a lower price. The 7970 can easily go such resolutions but mind you you might have to dial down d settings on certain games. 280x is a rebranded 7970 with higher clock speeds. Anyone who recommends titans are basically ppl wit gobs n gobs of cash in which imho isnt worth it.another good competitor isthe 7990 but watchout 4 crossfire issues n pray u have a good cooling system within ur chasis.
  6. Yeah I would wait for the 780ti too , see how good it is and then compare it.
  7. Titan is quite literally the worst value for money GPU there is, 50% more expensive than 780 and 7% faster, unless you are going to triple SLI them for a 3x 4K setup where you'll need the extra 3GB frame buffer, the Titan is a total waste of money.
  8. It's just like having an iphone... :)
    Has no features to justify the huge price,other than the brand name... :)
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