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Hi, I'm a noob at building PCs and overclocking and this is my first build,..
I would like to have opinions about which card to buy because all of these cards almost have same price at my local store

Sapphire R9-280X Dual-X OC (slightly cheaper)
ASUS gtx 760 OC DCU2

I planned ASUS gtx 760 because of Nvidia's VSync and my board is ASUS Maximus V Formula, I've read somewhere it's better if I buy an ASUS GPU to match with it

I use this mainly for Work: Web Development, Draft Designs with Photoshop and 4hrs a day of Gaming during weekdays, sometimes Rendering Videos, Images and 3D animation.
I'm hoping to use this for years to come.

I'm also buying ASUS MX279H 27.0 IPS LED MONITOR 120hz to go along with the GPU

with lots of things are presented with each review I read,
I really can't decide. so I think I need Expert Advice

thanks in advance guys!
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  1. if you are doing graphics work, and value it alot, go for the nVidia, due to CUDA support. also its getting Gsync next year so maybe wait with the monitor to get one compatible :)
  2. hmm you're right CUDA would really help

    but if it was gaming alone will Nvidia still be ideal?

    oh, so there's GSync coming, gotta research that one
    thanks for the info Luka I will wait out for a new monitor model :)
  3. yeah nvidia is still ideal for gaming due to (again) cuda processing and availiability of PhysX advanced :)

    and yeah do read on Gsync as its really something to wait for :)
  4. thanks for confirming Luka :)

    will buy me a 760 next week!
    Solved and closed.
    Solved and closed.
  5. you get equal to better performance if you buy the dcu2 280x its super fast also check benchmarks cause the 760 has a pretty low score compared to 280x also depends what you do if you do editting get nvidia for bang for your buck go amd in games
  6. R9 280x is my option.
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