Sharp Mass Producing IGZO Panels for Smartphones

Sharp is commercializing its IGZO panel for smartphones.

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  1. Great, I really need a huge smart phone like on the picture. I hope they include a decent backpack.
  2. It not about the size, think about saving battery life.
  3. So we indeed get to 4K in phones before we get in in the desktops... Nice...
  4. As if modern smartphone displays didn't already have a high enough PPI. Sharp should instead start producing 4K panels in smaller size ranges for the desktop because a 32" 4K monitor is clearly too large and expensive for most of us. Whose dumb idea was it there to start producing 4K panels in the 32" size range instead of something more feasible like 22-24"?
  5. Yeah 500+ PPI is overkill for a smartphone. I laud the battery life increase though. Just keep it at 1080p, that way SoCs aren't draining more juice to power a needlessly-higher-res display
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