BBM For Android and iPhone Finally Arrives

You may be required to wait in line in order to access the network.

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  1. It's showing "Temporary Server Error" even I have already registered in advance :S


    It finally worked Yaay :D BBM on my Galaxy Note III .. That is AWESOME!!!
  2. finally i got my invitation, looking good on Xperia S.

    Always love the BBM but I hate the BB phone...
  3. And people want that fool mike Lazardis(founder of Rim) back in charge the guy was a genius in building RIM sucked at keeping up with changing times there was huge in fight in 2010 in opening BBM, Lazardis won, bone head move and they missed the boat on messaging. Ita still the best messaging platform.

    Lazardis also felt RIM should make keyboard only devices, touch battle was over once iPhone hit in 2007, again Lazardis missed the boat. The Z10 and bb10 is best phone I've used and I've owned iPhone since 2008. Along with many bberries. If Z10 came out 2 years ago we'd be talking about the big 3 still because bb10 is heaven.
  4. Waiting...waiting...24Hrs past...still in queue.....
  5. Wow, they are so late to the part that it is not even funny.

    All my friends who use to have blackberries years ago now switched to iPhone or Android devices and we all communicate via Whatsapp.

    If BB did that when they had the chance and stopped being so damn closed minded mabye they would have still have a normal customer base and not just an absent normal customer base and a declining corperate customer base since many companies are now implementing Bring Your Own Device and installing Good/Mobile Iron for enterprise email and then jsut reimburse the user $30 - $40 a month for their data plan.

    Its way cheaper to give a user $30-$40 a month than buying the overpriced BB devices with 2 year contracts, and buying BES licences. Not to mention users often lose their BB devices in corperate enviornments which the company have to provide them with another BB. With BYOD its all on them, if they loose it, its on the user. All IT have to do is wipe the Good/Mobile Iron part.

    Users are more inclined to take care of their device when they buy it, but if it is given to them then they just dont care
  6. They should've licensed it out a couple of years ago.
  7. Atlast it happened..... BBM on Android activated....after receiving confirmation message via email, signed in via old BB registered email/username and password....
  8. Can you guyz add BBM on Nokia phones, please, we need bbm
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