R9 270X bottleneck with I3 2100?

have a bottleneck? the games runs good and smooth on ultra settings? in BF3 for example..

my monitor: 1600X900
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  1. It will be fine, but only for now. As games start using more and more cores, the bottleneck won't be the speed of your i3, it will be the fact that it only has 2 cores. That won't just be on the R9-270X, that will be on any card because it will be a CPU limitation that is not tied to graphics.
  2. So the bottom line is recommended to replace processor? Because it leaves too expensive for me and I want to play games smoothly without upgrading processor .. Can or must upgrade?
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    You don`t have to upgrade, your cpu is fine for now, you will need to upgrade it in the future, when you want and the cpu does not deliver enough performance for new games and you have enough money for a good quadcore cpu. Most games need a good GPU more than CPU anyway.
  4. Get the 270x from HIS or Gigabyte (both very good) and stay with the CPU for now (it`s still good).
  5. and what about 280X? have bottleneck or the 270X is optimal graphic card for my cpu?
  6. I think you will be optimal with the 270x at your resolution and the 280x could bottleneck a bit.
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