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Does AMD latest 8core boostable 5ghz latest CPu Beats Intel I5 or I7 3th gen ?

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Amd Beats Intel and GPU R9 series better than 700 series

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  • AMD 8core cpu (pls give name )
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  • Intel I5 or I7
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  • R9 series gpu
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  • GTX 700 series CPU
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October 23, 2013 12:31:16 AM

Hi ...i m planning to build a extreme gaming rig...
well my specs is unknow family is a fans of Price Is quality...not a fans of cheap....
so does AMD 8 core latest boostable 5ghz cpu beats Intel I5 or I7 3th gen Intel?
well my specs is probably will be I5 4th gen with 760 is that a good specs? or R9 series better? R9 is Amd and some people said that amd card not stable and easy overheat...
so i need suggestion on these 2 topic:
Does AMD 8core 5ghz beats Overclocked 4ghz Intel I5 3th gen Cpu and I7 3th gen cpu?
and Does Zotac GTX760 a good card or R9 series is better in Ultra setting of gaming?
March 12, 2014 11:38:50 PM

Intel will have better stability and features, AMD is generally more budget friendly. AMD also tends to heat more than intel CPUs. If you're going with that AMD, it is advised you go for a much better cooler than the stock.