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I have been a lurker on these forums for years (love Tom's Hardware!) but just finally registered. I was hoping I could get some advice regarding temps on my FX-8350. I just built myself a new rig last week consisting of a Gigabyte FX990-UD3 mobo and a Amd FX-8350 BE (with Zalman 7500 heat sink w/ arctic silver applied properly). Using HWMonitor and Core temp to read temps, it looks like my cpu runs at between 11-19 Celsius at an idle state. When gaming (cpu load about 30%) I notice HWMonitor (reading the "package" temp) shows a minimum of about 38 degrees and a max sometimes up to 60. Is this normal? I know AMD says 62 degrees is about the max you want to run the chip (although core temp says Tj max is 80). I'm not sure something is wrong or if this is perfectly acceptable. I have built many other machines but have never had a heating issue so I really never paid much attention to what my previous cpus have run at. I guess I am worried because I spent extra money on a decent cpu cooler and if I am running close to the manufacturer's recommended temps it is disappointing. Also I notice when I exit a game, my temp drops almost instantly to the sub-20 range. I have looked at other forums and tried to find a straight answer but I was unable to find anything specific. Am I good or am I being a worry-wort? Thanks!
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  1. Yes with that heat sync and fan even with the arctic silver is normal, unfortunately the Zalman 7500 is not sufficient to keep your Cpu at a lower temperature like if you wan't a better cooler I suggest getting the hyper 212 evo or better to keep the fx 8350 on a cooler temperature.
  2. I run an 8350 with an Antec Kuhler H2O 920 and Arctic Silver 5 on it, and my numbers are way off from yours. Until I disabled the throttle control (can't think of what it's actually called) in the BIOS, my idle temps were about the same as yours; with it turned off, however (ensuring that my system runs at peak performance all the time, and pretty much necessary for overclocking), my idle temps are around 27-28C. Running Prime95 stress tests on all 8 cores simultaneously (maxing each core at 100%), my temps only reach 32-33C, and I rarely clear 30C while gaming. Since the only difference that I know of that would affect these temps is the cooler we're using, I have to think that this is what's causing our temps to be so different. That said, I don't think you should be getting temps that high under load. You may want to remove and reinstall your heatsink and thermal paste just to make sure there isn't an issue there, but another factor could be how well your case fans are removing the heat from the case. If they aren't installed properly to move the air out of the case, or the air flow is being blocked by cables or other components, this could also cause higher temps.
  3. Good stuff guys thanks. Good call Bouncedk, this is my cooler: and you are correct. I would have figured it was fine but I guess not, hopefully microcenter will let me exchange it.
    Skeefers, as far as my case goes I have good airflow and low obstructions. I'm running a Zalman z11+ with all 6 fans going, ambient temp in the room is maybe 68.
    Ok, so I need a bang for the buck cooler, can't spend much more than $60.
  4. Oh also, I got higher temps with the stock cooler than with the Zalman.
  5. It is not currently unsafe though is it? I have been running WoW on it for a half hour and it only got as high as 45. I'm asking because if I can by for a couple weeks I can afford to get a really nice cooler.
  6. Also does anyone know if Microcenter will let you exchange an opened heat sink?
  7. bouncedk said:
    It might be throttling itself, who knows. I sure wouldn't spend too much time with a cooler that isn't designed for the rated TDP of the processor. You could just put the stock cooler on in the meantime. It's not a great cooler but it should be able to cope.

    I actually did and it was slightly hotter, the Zalman is for sure doing a better job than the stock one, but not by much.
  8. As long as your temps aren't going over 60C, you should be fine for now, but definitely get the new cooler ASAP. 62C is AMD's max recommended temp for the 8350, so if you see temps approaching that you should close any programs running, or shutdown the system, until it cools off.
  9. Maybe I'll go tonight when the traffic dies down, I'm just hoping I can exchange this other cooler. I'd hate to eat $50. And thanks for all the posts guys, I appreciate it.
  10. Update:
    So I realized the only game I tested was WoW and decided to try Witcher 2 to see how my temps would be. I put it on absolute max (my rig was struggling, getting about 5fps) and ran it for about 10 cpu temp never broke 30, even with my gpu struggling hard. I also tried Borderlands 2 on max and it also never broke 30. My thought on this is that WoW is a more cpu intensive game vs. gpu. While WoW runs pretty steady at 45 degrees, I am thinking this might be normal? Maybe I'm crazy, just a thought. I am relived to see I am getting good temps in the more demanding games though.
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