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Alienware Will Give You $200 For Your Gaming Console

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October 25, 2013 2:07:24 PM

Too bad Alienware is God-awful.
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October 25, 2013 2:11:41 PM

icypyro said:
Too bad Alienware is God-awful.

Really? I wouldn't trade in my M17x R3 for anything but an M17x R4 or R5
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October 25, 2013 2:16:40 PM

Yeah I've had bad experiences with alienware. They shipped me a non-working laptop I bought from them that cost about 8000$ usd at the time of purchase with the options. Faulty drives.. some dead.. they replaced quickly.. loaded Warcraft 3 to play a 'dota' map couldn't make it over 18fps on the thing.. obviously either a hardware issues ect. long of the short, the product was defective as the 300$ laptop from walmart (toshiba satellite) blew it out of the water on legacy games. Either way after talking with their ceo (they have like 50 proxies for him) I ended up returning it with some 15% restocking fee. over a grand for a crap system that didn't work. I DO NOT suggest buying from these guys. Used the money and built a tower pc. works great 4 years later.
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October 25, 2013 2:27:44 PM

Those trade in deals are not what they are advertised to be. For one thing you can get more money selling your console on eBay. For two, if you give them your old device, and you decide to return your new item, there's no guarantee that you will get your old device back. Believe me, I learned this the hard way. But the lesson is if a deal like that is too good to be true, it usually is.
October 25, 2013 2:57:13 PM

Hurry up and configure your systems before they run out of AMD Radeon HD 8990 6GB graphics cards!
October 25, 2013 3:16:52 PM

The downside, of course, being that you then are stuck with an Alienware (read: Dell) pc.

Fixed. - G
October 25, 2013 3:18:43 PM

Why not just craigslist it or ebay it for much more than 200? Sheesh.. =(
October 25, 2013 4:02:21 PM

lol @ alienware

Let's say you were getting a $200 discount on an alienware desktop(NOT trading your console in, just a straight up discount), you would STILL be overpaying by a crapload. The fact that they want you to give up your gaming console, then pay $700+ for marginally better specs is a joke.
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October 25, 2013 4:16:24 PM

Sounds cool to me. Too many people are complaining about the brand. Honestly, this is getting more people on PC, so it can bring nothing but good IMHO.
October 25, 2013 4:22:01 PM

Quarkzquarkz , October 25, 2013 3:18 PM
Why not just craigslist it or ebay it for much more than 200? Sheesh.. =(

GL getting 200 out of your wii.
October 25, 2013 4:45:34 PM

No alien will build my PC!
October 25, 2013 5:28:53 PM

I guess the thumbs down were from people who didn't go to the site and confirm that was an available option lol
October 25, 2013 6:05:34 PM

Useless especially when they have price markups on the hardware that are significantly higher than $200 with price markups well over $1000 when you go for a gaming PC that can actually game.

the $700 x51 is only a gaming PC if you consider playing farmville to be gaming, or if you consider yourself to b a retro gamer and don't plan to ever go to anything harder to run than half life 2.

it is also not a standard form factor so upgrading will be difficult, especially since it comes with a 240 watt power supply, so even if you manage to get a high end GPU that is still low profile, it would would likely not run.

their $700 system is the equivalent to building yourself a $350-400 PC, whats more crazy, at $1100 all you get is a lower mid range gaming PC with a GTX 760
October 25, 2013 7:19:21 PM

I kind of like the design of the X51, but I'm with Razor512 on their pricing. The entry-level i3 $700 X51 is extremely weak! It doesn't even come with dual channel memory by default - if you want 8GB in dual channel instead of 6GB single channel, that's another $50 (or move up to the next tier which I'll get to in a second). To make matters worse, they don't even give you the option of overpaying for better graphics on the X51 until you step up to the $850 i5 model.

Really, the minimum configuration is $1000. Get the $850 option so you can configure graphics, and then step up from the GTX 645 to a blazing demon 760 for an additional $150. God help you if you want an SSD to go along with that pokey old 7200RPM spinner... that's only offered as an upgrade on the i7 models!

Really, bargains like this remind me why I build. Not to mention the fact that I can't stand the cheap OEM grade boards.
October 26, 2013 2:00:40 AM

Yeah, trade in your console for $200 discount on overpriced Alienware junk. Nope, bad offer.
October 26, 2013 9:49:15 AM

A Dell Laptop with an ET logo.
October 26, 2013 10:43:58 AM

October 26, 2013 2:03:43 PM

Quarkzquarkz , October 25, 2013 3:18 PM
Why not just craigslist it or ebay it for much more than 200? Sheesh.. =(

Check out your local Craigslist sometime or even Ebay itself. Good luck trying to sell any last gen console by itself for $200+. A lot of people are trying to offload their old consoles for the new releases next month.

October 26, 2013 8:44:34 PM

If AMD did this for their GPUs. :) 
October 26, 2013 9:53:52 PM

Lame attempt by Alienware, how about just offering an unconditional $200 discount upfront, no gimmicks with consoles. At least then customers aren't completely ripped off.