How long does a midrange card last?

I was just wondering, what year would a now-purchased GPU start to lag ultra-settings@720p games?
Specifically, a GTX 660 (not OC'd, not Ti).
I figure soon, since the new-gen consoles are here, but I can't really put my finger on whether it'd be one or four years or something in between.

Last time buying a PC was 2008, and I bought a then-midrange 9500GT (512MB DDR3), which couldn't even play games in "High" at that time. Though it can still play games from 2011 at low or maybe medium.
But today, the scene is completely different, so I just want your opinions on this.

Thank you all,
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  1. Well as things are getting more demanding I would say 1-2ish years on high-ultra 1080p (depending on the game).
  2. Could that lifetime be increased with a, say, 1600x900 monitor?
    Or maybe using an old 1280x1024, since it has even less pixels?
    Also, would OC prolong its' life? (Performance-wise, not actual hardware-wise.)
  3. Oh for sure - At a lower resolution you'd last allot longer. Also, as long as you do a light OC then there shouldn't be any problems with the gpu's life.
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