Seagate Goflex Ultra Portable - Unallocated & Inaccessible, Should I try a powerful External Enclosure?


So I opened the Seagate and moved the HDD into a Nexstar TX 2.0 Enclosure, (which is USB powered with a Y cable, using 2 USB ports for power)

However to no avail, the light goes on, and it spins, then stops, and repeats this process (in Nexstar Enclosure) but is not recognized. In the Seagate enclosure, it just tries to start up once (and is read as Sleep and Charge)

In the Seagate enclosure, it is recognized in Disk Management as Unallocated, Unknown and 2048GB, In the Nexstar Enclosure, it does not appear in Disk Management

I was wondering, does the HDD need more power input?

Should I try another External Enclosure? If I were to purchase a 3.0 USB or a External Enclosure that utilizes power from an outlet via a Power Adapter, would it give the HDD the power it needs?

There's also a slight clicking pattern noise during its attempt at starting up

I sent it through CrystalDiskInfo and here's what it shows while in Seagate Enclosure,

In the Nexstar Enclosure, nothing pops up

...Should I bother sending it to a Data Recovery Specialist? would they be able to get a TXT-Read Only screening of the HDD's contents?

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  1. "There's also a slight clicking pattern noise during its attempt at starting up"

    That could be the sound of the read/write heads jammed up against the storage platter (the actual hard disk), in which case the drive is no longer usable.

    There's no guarantee that a specialist can recover all the data from it, it depends on the degree of physical damage. Also very expensive so you need to decide if the data is important enough to pay a specialist.
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