$799 Lenovo K450+ GeForce GTX 700 series cards rig = beat alienware desktops?

Hey guys, I'm planning on invest approx. $1000 in a decent desktop for both gaming (crysis4, BF4) and study/programming.

Originally I had my eyes set on the alienware desktops, which is a bit above my price point but still OK. But today I just found out lenovo's ideacentre K450 is having a promotion for $799, for which you get i7 4770, 16GB 1600MHz ram, 2T 7200rpm HDD, integrated HD graphics, no discrete graphic cards. I'm thinking on swap the original psu with a 600W+ psu and add a GTX 680 or a even better video card. But I don't know if this could cause any overheating/noise/compatibility issues, so I'm eagerly looking forward to your input on this.

I'm kinda a newbie here, apologize in advance if any questions seems too obvious or naive to you. Be gentle... Thanks!
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