i7-4770k Price Cut @MicroCenter $279.99

Not sure if this is the right section for this or if it's even allowed, just wanted to let anyone about to do a build that the CPU is now selling for $279.99 at MC (Just got their fresh circular in the mail!)

Best deal i've seen yet.
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  1. Holy crap! :O Thanks for the heads up
  2. taptempo said:
    Holy crap! :O Thanks for the heads up

    Happy to help.

    $30 more for a 4770k vs a 3770k I think is very worth it. Best price I found before this sale was $325 so that's a good $45/50 off. I wonder how much less it might go this upcoming Black Friday / Cyber Monday!

    I'm waiting to check out on my system components during that weekend for the best deals and I advise anyone that can wait a couple more weeks for Cyber Monday to just do some more research on their build and make sure they know exactly what they want or would go with if other options went on sale. Nvidia already slashed prices yesterday and I heard they always have a holiday bundle. I wish NewEgg's price match guarantee was more solid or i'd get it all now. MC is always a gamble when it comes to price cuts / matching within the 30 days an item was purchased since it depends on manager personal approval.

    It sucks getting a new system at the end of the year when all the new tech is around the corner but if it's a must like it is for me, cash in hand on Cyber Monday is the way to do it.
  3. It is a great deal but remember it is a in-store deal. Meaning you have to buy it in the store to get the price and second of all some of the microcenters dont sell it for that price if you go to thier web site it will say price is not similar to all stores. And third I have both a i7-3770k and a i7-4770k built my first rig a xpl of month before haswell came out and only built a second rig witj i7-4770k because I gotta to the maximus vi extreme for 175 dollars brand new off a dude on craigslist :] and found that I preferred the ivy over haswell and wish I just sold the damn board and made a profit to buy a better board for my 3770k. Overclocking on the ivy is not only easier but way better odds of higher overclock without extreme cooling. Got my ivy to a decent 4.4. Better of with ivy if ur overclocking at least.
  4. In the past Microcenter has dropped CPU prices on Black Friday
    2 years ago the I5-2500K was dropped to $169 for that sale and had been $189 before
    The mother boards may be on sale and then still qualify for bundle discounts on top of the sale
  5. Just picked up a 4670k and an open-box sabertooth z87 for $315 + tax from my local microcenter. Glad to have one local to me.
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