For Sale: AMD A10 5800k Gaming PC

Asking price is $300.
Items located and shipped from Middletown, OH USA. No international shipping.

Silverstone SG05BB-LITE
Silverstone ST45SF 450 watts SFX Power Supply
A75IA-E53 Socket FM2 mITX AMD Motherboard
AMD A10-5800K Trinity 3.8GHz (4.2GHz Turbo) Socket FM2
G.SKILL Ares Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 2133
Western Digital Green 320GB

This is a small form factor PC I put together for a recent LAN party to demonstrate the capabilities of $300 or less Gaming PC. Granted, this is not a powerhouse by any stretch but everyone was impressed with what you could accomplish for very little money.

All the parts were brand new purchases except the hard drive. The HDD was from a set of six I used in a RAID 0 array from a prior system (talk about a suicide raid, six drives, risky, but it never did fail). It does have Windows 7 Pro 64-bit installed but it is NOT registered / activated. You will need to provide it a key or reinstall the OS of your choosing. I do have all the original boxes, manuals, and cables for the parts.

It's a bit overdone in the case / PSU department but I wanted it small and have the capability of being upgraded with a dedicated GPU for anyone so inclined. You could find a much less expensive case and PSU to make the overall investment even lower.

Benchmarks (2nd set with iGPU OCed to 950)

Sandra 15.69 / 15.7 / 15.68
Heaven 25.5 / 644 / 14.7 / 57.5
3DMark 11 P1659 / 1512 / 4128 / 1425
Temps 31 / 59

Sandra 15.66 / 15.67 / 15.64
Heaven 27.0 / 679 / 14.8 / 61.7
3DMark11 P1832 / 1688 / 4142 / 1534
Temps 38 / 59

Heaven was run at Basic Settings (1280x720, 2x, Full Screen)

I'll gladly run any other benchmarks you'd like to see (as long as I have access to the source software) but the above should give you a pretty good idea of what it can do. Because of the 2133 memory, the FPS performance is usually better than almost any other reviews you may have read for the processor. Faster memory makes a big difference. OCing the iGPU helps as well. I did play around with OCing the NB but was never overly impressed to keep it above the default 1800.

When targeting 720p (and some 1080p) with "medium" (modest) settings, this was a really fun system. It's purpose was to show by just grabbing the motherboard and CPU and gathering a case, PSU, hard drive, and maybe even memory from friends who could donate old parts, you could set someone up with a decent gaming PC and introduce them to non-console based entertainment.
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  1. EDIT: This reply is no longer applicable to this topic. The original post had references to Steam Box, and being a Prototype, to which I wrongly assumed the OP meant it was the Steam Box Prototype now being released to certain beta-testers.

    This is illegal.

    And by illegal, I mean by LAW. You are bound by a legal contract with Valve when you accepted to participate in the Beta, one of the terms was that you could not sell or give the hardware supplied to you to anyone else.
  2. Kelthar said:
    This is illegal.

    And by illegal, I mean by LAW. You are bound by a legal contract with Valve when you accepted to participate in the Beta, one of the terms was that you could not sell or give the hardware supplied to you to anyone else.

    1. He made that. It didn't say anywhere that it was from Steam or any Logos.
    2. Steam Box would have a good video card in it.
  3. True. My bad. I was about to report him to Steam support.

    Although calling it "Steam Box" is the most misleading thing ever, and then calling it prototype, which are exactly the kind of steam boxes / steam machines out there right now.
  4. I have removed references to "Steam Box" and "Prototype" from the title and the body of the message. I in no way meant to imply it was from Steam or Valve or associated with their program. It was only meant to infer the "type" of PC.

    I certainly don't want to mislead anyone.

    If this posting is that offensive, please delete it, my account, and send me on my way. I didn't want to come in here to cause trouble. I just thought it might be a good place to offer the system.

    Sorry for the confusion.
  5. Don't worry, it was my fault. I should've read it better, wrongly assumed it was something it wasn't. I unselected my answer as Best Answer since the topic isn't really solved or anything, and it isn't even applicable.

    EDIT: Any moderator, feel free to delete the string of replies which are unrelated to the sale and related instead to my mistake on thinking this was about Steam Boxes (or Steam Machines, whatever they're called).
  6. Post looks fine to me and follows all our rules for listing an item. I didn't see any of the Steam references to comment one way or the other. So I'm just going to leave the thread alone.

    Good luck with the sale! :) It's actually a pretty nice little box for the asking price.
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