PC and Xbox Monitor $200 and under!

I recently purchased this monitor It's a nice IPS panel with great colors but the IPS glow in the corners just make it unbearable to use in any type of dark screen. So I returned it in hope that I may be able to find another monitor that will suit my needs better.

I want a monitor that can be used for gaming, movies and browsing the web, and look good doing so. Heres a couple monitors that I'm looking at so far.

I know I'm going to miss the awesome colors of the IPS but I just can't handle the glow I'd rather have a tn panel that has worse viewing angles TBH. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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    Well I personally prefer to just use a 32'' TV, however if that isn't what your looking for then I would recommend this one.
  2. I was leaning towards the HP, if anyone owns either and would like to chime in on color reproduction please feel free! or if anyone knows of a better 200> monitor please let me know!
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