i have a few Questions about upgrading my Gpu and cpu

I wanna upgrade my computer for bf4, AC blackflag and also future proof it from witcher 3 and star citizens. Here is my current build.

AMD FX(tm)-6100 Six-Core Processor, 3576 MHz
850 watt tesla psu 12cm red fan 20+4
Kingston DDR 8GB 1333MHZ PC3-10600 CL9
Graphics Card:

I was considering upgrading to fx 8350 with hyper evo 212
And a gtx 770 since the price is dropped and there is a bundle deal with it

Q1. Would this be a good upgrade?
And also wat is best gtx 770. Asus, msi, zotac. Evga
There is a msi lighting edition with three free games on sale for £275.00 at overclockers.co.uk Which I think is a good deal i guess
Q2. Is it possible to sell those games with the gtx 770.
Q3. Will i wait for 8-9 months for "Maxwell" Nvidia's next gen cards 800 series i think. hopefully they will have something that beats a gtx 770 and is around the same price
Your inputs are much obliged and appreciated
Thank you for reading and for your time.
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  1. Great Choices for a upgrade.

    A1: The MSI Lightning Edition card is a great card that allows overclocking to a high extent. As for Card brands MSI, ASUS, EVGA, XFX, and Gigabyte are all great brands.

    A2: Yes

    A3: If you want you can wait and buy Maxwell, you never know what they will come out with hopefully it wont be a rebranded 700 series like AMD did.
  2. 1. 770+8350 is a good upgrade - definitely get the msi 770 (their twin frozr cooling is amazing).
    2. Yes
    3. No point in playing the waiting game - seriously, you wait for the 800 series and 8 months later they release the 900 which is way better.

    P.S - you can always sell or upgrade parts :p
  3. If you want the most performance for your money, spend most of it on the GPU. There won't be a noticeable difference in gaming between the 6100 and the 8350, either of them are more than enough to handle most CPU workloads for gaming.

    Use that money instead toward a GTX 780, and I would recommend the ASUS DirectCU II version. And what do you mean by selling those games? Like selling the vouchers because you don't want the games?

    The Maxwell cards are supposedly due out earlier than you would expect, I will be considering that as my next GPU upgrade depending on how it performs at what price. But it will be a new architecture, so I have high hopes for it. The Witcher 3 and Star Citizen are still ways off I think, so I say wait until the spring to see what's out there.

    If you upgrade your parts every time something new comes out, it will get very expensive very quickly. Learned that the hard way.
  4. all right i will give the maxwell a chance. i just hope the 800 series are something good not just rebranded if they are ohh man that will be bad.

    i think i will buy a new gpu when witcher 3 or StarC comes out. i guess is just have to do with the 650. ohh why did i buy the 650 really going thourgh buyers remorse -__-
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