iPad Air Gets iFixit's Teardown Treatment

The iFixit team takes a look at what's powering the newest edition of the iPad.

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  1. One way or another it is still impressive to see how far technology has come(integration wise).
  2. It is another ARM....Want to see they put FPGA inside it. Something like Stratix V with 1000 cores.
  3. No more posts about Apple products. Such a waste of time these days.
  4. The autopsies on technology is quite interesting.
  5. Gwendolyn Gay at iFixit is good at her job and hot.
  6. That thing is glued together... LOL. Apple's "quality" at it's finest.

    All we need to know is if it has the same borked accelerometer as iP5S.
    Otherwise, good job in catching up with last year's Nexus 7.
  7. Seems as if glue is the most used thing in all of Apple's products. Even the Macbooks are 75% glue.. I swear.
  8. You can "Stick it Apple"

    Good pun or what ;)
  9. A slight change then, but "Apple Is not screwed"
    Sorry could not resist it.
  10. When apple catches wind of this, they will begin to use thermal tape which doesn't lose it's stickiness until well above boiling temperature.
  11. And the iSheep still line up for miles to buy underpowered rehashes.
    But hey, if the formula works why change it?
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