Help I think I damaged my harddrive

Hi recently I sat my computer on my portable powerless harddrive which is small enough to be the size of someone's hand. The harddrive and computer weren't running I just picked up my heavy PC it's a big case and stuck it on the ground on top of my harddrive fortunately this was only for a few minutes it isn't cracked from what I can see but I have over 10000 home movies and videos on that harddrive I can't afford the time to go searching watching all of them from start to finish to see if they got corrupted some way my question is is it possible sitting my large computer on my small portable USB harddrive would of damaged or deleted the files on the drive and if so is there a way to do a read only scan for bad sectors and corruption or damage of files on hdd without using scandisk which I have heard from a few technicians is more harms then good, thank you so much for all your answers.
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  1. Scandisk can't tell you if any of your movies & video files are corrupted anyway as it only tests the Windows file system for errors and can optionally check for bad sectors, neither of which will tell you anything about specific files.

    The appropriate thing to do in your situation is to test the drive for physical damage using the drive manufacturer's diagnostic software - you can even use Seagate SeaTools even if it isn't a Seagate branded drive. Get it here:

    If the drive passes the long/extended test okay I would say you've nothing to worry about.
  2. Phillip Corcoran said:

    If the drive passes the long/extended test okay I would say you've nothing to worry about.

    What do you mean I would say? Is there a chance even if the test passes there's still something wrong with my hard drive where can I find a definite test? Also is it okay to scan the harddrive with files on it like video files would it effect the videos doing the scan?
  3. Why not take this opportunity to clone your drive? You could use a tool such as ddrescue which understands how to work around bad sectors. In this way you would be scanning and backing up the drive at the same time.
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