Rebuilding tips - best cases, mobo and cpu for a reasonable price

Currently I have:

Motherboard: MSI P55 GD65
CPU: Intel Core i5 750
GPU: EVGA GTX 560 Overclocked

I absolutely want a better motherboard and processor. My biggest problem is the way my case is designed, the wire for the front USB and audio ports cross the whole board diagonally. I want to add a second graphics card, but the bulk of the card will prevent the cable from connecting properly.

I want a PC that will support very high performance for gaming. Ideally, a case allowing hot swappable drives would be fantastic. I have an SSD for boot and other games, and a main secondary HDD.

For Black Friday I plan on replacing as much as possible. Im thinking of getting a duplicate of my GPU as I do like it, but the mobo and cpu and ram definitely need upgrades. Any advice? I can post some pics of the case and cable layout as needed
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  1. Asus Maximus VI Formula
    Gskill Trident
    i7 4770K
    NZXT Source 530
  2. Thanks for the tips! Question - Am I able to use two graphics cards that are NOT the same. Mainly just so I can use another monitor. I get that I wont be able to do SLI until I can match the graphics cards.
  3. And are there cheaper alternatives for Mobo + CPU? I'd like to spend $300 for the two, under $400 max for both if possible.
  4. Also, a hot swapable case as well
  5. Asrock Z87 Extreme 3
    Core i5 4670K
    Crucial Ballistics Sport
    I believe Xigmatek Midgard 2 has a hot swap bay up top as do some others, like Antec 900 I believe.
  6. @Allan - Thanks for the answer! I actually saw the other day and was debating on doing the:

    Core i5 4670K
    ASrock z87 extreme4 (decent price pt)

    For cases, I couldnt find the xigmartek in stock, but do you have any opinions on these:

    Thermaltake Soprano
    CM Stormtrooper
    XION Predator AXP 970-001BK
  7. Storm Trooper is a nice case.
  8. The one question I have is that the stormtrooper, while seeming really awesome, only allows an ssd for swapping. Is there ever a need for that? I would think i would rather swap a regular hdd?
  9. Well it was designed as more of a portable case,and at LANs the ssd has all the games installed,and is the more valuable drive,you can just yank it out when you leave your PC unattended.
  10. It does look awesome, and I like the fan features. The one item is that I don't plan on doing much traveling with the case at all, so that feature isn't so relevant. hot swapping is nice (i have a few external drives attached via USB to my router, but would be easier to modify file system by swapping it in). Any recommendations?
  11. I'd go with the blackhawk or for more the obsidian. But really the blackhawk is a sweet case under $100.
  12. I'd go with the blackhawk or for more the obsidian. But really the blackhawk is a sweet case under $100.
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