What training do i need to set up and manage small networks for a computer technical service?

I intend to put a PC Repair shop and want to learn how to mount and manage small networks.

The computing I know I’ve mostly learnt by myself, reading good books and practicing at home.
I know how to build a small peer to peer network using Windows 7, but I want to learn how to build a client-server network.

I’m being offered courses at school centers but I find them too broad for what I want. For example, I’m thinking of doing a course that teaches CISCO networking and using Windows Server 2008/2012 networking. it offers Cisco and Microsoft certification . it’s 75 hours long at a training center. I find it expensive (890 euros).

¿Do I need to learn all that to build and manage small networks of perhaps 10 computers?.
¿Can I learn it by myself at home?
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  1. Getting proper licenses to "play" with will be an issue for a Microsoft based network. You'll probably want to know how to properly firewall your WAN and reduce the surface area of your servers, be able to setup vlans, which brings us to routing among your vlans, then some Active Directly to manage your Microsoft network.

    A Layer 3 switch, a PFSense WAN router, and some Linux boxes should let you play with the technology.
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