Best new high-end card for mid tower case

I have a lian li mid tower case :

currently running i7 2600, 16gb, 256 ssd, and a msi twin frozr 6950 card on a single benQ 24" 1ms 144hz monitor. I bought a new corsair 850 watt psu and am looking at the gtx titan, msi lightning 780, and r9 290x. They all seem to have their merits but the r9 with probably be cheapest (also hottest). Should I go with the new r9 and deal with the temps? I'm running only regular fans and stock heatsink on cpu. Everything is a bit tight in the case so I couldn't fit an aftermarket fan easily. Which leads me to the problem with the Msi lightning...the card is 295mm long which according to new egg the case can fit, but it would be very, very tight in there. Lastly, the issue with the titan is the cost and performance/value for money.

What would you guys do in my situation?
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  1. I would go with the 780 because it comes with 3 free games, is cheaper than the 290x and I'm a nvidia guy, but really it's around same performance as the 290x.
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