Best Monitor for Eyefinity/NV Surround <200/each 1080p

I need to know whats going to be my best choice for 3 monitors that are under 200 a piece. I am planning on playing bf4 with either dual 780GTX or the new r290x havent deviced on that given the cooling solutions on the 290x as of now.

Help me out,

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  1. Less than 200 in USD? The two most common and affordable types of monitors in this criteria are going to be IPS and TN panels. IPS panels have very wide viewing angles, so you won't get any color distortion or color inversion if you sit at a weird angle. IPS panels also bring out brighter and more accurate colors compared to TN, but IPS panels generally cost more than TN panels, and IPS panels can't achieve the ultra-low response times that can be crucial in competitive gaming. IPS panels usually have 5ms+ response time, while most of the ASUS TN panel monitors have 1-2ms response time. However, most people will not notice the difference between 1ms and 7ms, and unless you want every last edge in competitive gaming, 1ms won't really be necessary.

    I personally have a 1080p IPS monitor, and it works great for everything. Despite the 7ms response time, I haven't noticed any issues with ghosting or disadvantage in fast paced FPS such as CS:GO. Also, the sweet spot for 1080p monitors is about 24", any bigger than that and the pixels will be a bit noticeable to some people.

    Here is a good example of a TN panel by ASUS:

    And here is a good example of an IPS panel by Dell:
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