The best slimline LED 27'' monitor for £200-350

Hi everyone,

I am searching for a 27'' LED monitor (no less) for my current computer build and as I am a novice I would appreciate any assistance in regard to buying a monitor for under £350. I recently fell in love with the the glorious iMac 27'' screen and obviously my budget is nowhere near what is required to even match let alone imitate the apple screen but I would like to buy a good quality monitor to complement gaming, video editing and watching blu-ray movies.

Thanks very much
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  1. The reason you fell in love with the MAC screen is its superior resolution, 2560x1440 to be exact. Anyone who spends any time with a 2560x1440 screen (also called 1440p) will be hard pressed to ever be impressed by a 1920x1080 (or 1080p) resolution screen ever again. I bough a 1440p display thinking I would use both but my 1080p is now gathering dust in a corner.

    The good news is you can get very affordable 1440p displays from Korea. These come from the same manufacturers that make screens for MAC and samsung monitors that cost 1000$ USD but for some reason these screens did not make the cut (perhaps a dead pixel you will never find somewhere). These screens get re-used and made into the whole slew of Korean 27inch monitors that have invaded the market and provide incredible value. The are the Qnix, Catleap, Crossover and Yamasaki brands you have probably never heard of.

    Personally I bought a Crossover Q27 and am incredibly impressed. My only regret is now that I read more about those monitors I have realized some of them can easily be overclocked to 120Hz, giving you the best of both worlds, higher resolution AND higher refresh rate. Note that none of the really expensive 1440p displays offer 120Hz refresh out of the box.

    My recommendation would be t get a Qnix screen:

    I'm pretty sure those are available in the UK as well...
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