How to tell how good a game will run on your PC gaming build

I just want to be able to tell the resolution, settings and fps I can run a Game (none in specific) just by looking at my specs and the game requirements. it will be a load off my chest and a big help as I am fairly new to PC Gaming and I'm on the process of building my own PC
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  1. All I can really suggest is do some research on your GPU, CPU, and all the other parts you want to check out. If you usually google your graphics card you should be able to find some reliable websites that have benchmarks for numerous games for numerous resolutions.
  2. i know it can be a pain because i have been through the same process. a lot of benchmarks only show fps on ultra settings which is not of use when shopping for a budget build. what would be the most demanding game you wish to play? i know for bf3 i paired a core 2 quad 2.66ghz with an hd 6850 and the cpu was bottlenecking my performance in games with more that 24 players.
    so what games do you hope to play?
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