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Buying a new Video Card

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Which one should I get?

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November 5, 2013 4:22:54 AM

Hi guys! Maybe you can help me out. I have a pretty decent computer but I have money to upgrade it but I am not very sure of what to buy. Probably because new video card will magically appear after a week of buying the latest version and I am not very good with the RAW data and info I am supposed to know when buying one.

This is my current set up :
i7 2700k
Maxmimus IV Extreme Z mother board
HD 7970
120gb SSD
16gb RAM

For my birthday I got a BenQ monitor that supports Nvidia 3D vision. ( How much are the 3D glasses btw? )

So I was thinking of buying the Titan. But I never really liked Nvidia so then I turned to the Ares 2 but then found out that there are only a couple out there. Maybe some in SLI? I play alot of BF4, Arkham Origins etc which are pretty GPU intensive considering I dont have a problem with my CPU so..

Thanks in advance for helping! Just post your idea :) 

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November 5, 2013 4:41:44 AM

The best I would buy is the Geforce GTX 600 series.
November 5, 2013 5:23:07 AM

Asus Ares II is a dual gpu graphics card while gtx titan has a single gpu . So you can go for ares II , if you want the best performance . But They are a few in no.s . Only 1000 of them were made and they are bit costly. You could go for gtx 690 . Since you don't like nvidia. So i would recommend you buying a hd 7990.
If you want to play games in 3d . Then you must go for nvidia because they provide superior 3d vision technology .
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November 5, 2013 5:36:17 AM

If you don't really want to play in 3D, I suggest getting another 7970 or 280X to Crossfire with.
Then enjoy blazing fast performance like the 7990 in BF4:

It won't be a waste since his monitor can display 120Hz.

If you want to play in 3D, get a nice overclocked 780 which will perform as well as the Titan in games.

Either way you save a lot of money :) 

November 5, 2013 5:48:40 AM

If you don't care about 3D, then buy another 7970 or R9 280X and you will get more performance then a GTX titan. For under 1/3 of GTX titan's price.