Is the Lenovo Y510p a good laptop for gaming, is this laptop worth the price?

I'm not expecting to be able to get high/ultra graphics with this. I'm buying the laptop just so I can game on the go since I can't imagine having to carry around my massive gaming rig (seriously, it's a nightmare to move when I'm cleaning).

Games I'll run are probably things like, Minecraft, Binding of Isaac, Batman Arkham games, Doom 3 BFG, Skyrim, all the Bioshock games, all Half-Life, Dishonored, Far Cry 3, Sims 3, Assassin's Creed and maybe some Fallout: New Vegas. The laptop runs Windows 8 (unfortunately) if that makes any difference towards the game play.


4th generation Intel Core i7-4700MQ processor
Graphics - NV GT 750M 2GB
Memory - DDR3 12GB

I may buy a second 750 to SLI since the laptop offers an 'Ultrabay' mechanism that allows you to add and/or remove parts.

Here's a link if you want more info - (… )
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  1. Yes, it seems like this is a good rig for non-super-intensive gaming. As you said, you're right: it won't be running new games on ultra or anything like that. Best to check the general specs of these games and if you find the GPU seems appropriate and memory seems appropriate you'll probably be okay. I think you'll be pretty good on the memory- average users usually are fine with 8 and 12 is pretty comfortable.

    LENOVO as a brand is looking legiter and legiter haha. I think you'll be okay with them build-quality-wise. I would be. don't know a lot about that specific model, though.

    once again though, to be sure, check specs of games to get a general idea!

    EDIT: i forgot to mention- the only bad thing about having like 3 sticks of 4GB to make 12GB memory is that with an odd number of sticks like that the memory will run in single-channel I believe :( If you had 4x4GB for 16 total or 2x8 for 16 it would be better.
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