Seagate Ships World's Thinnest 2TB Laptop Drive

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  1. That's nice but I can't wait till SSDs catch up in size and price. Most laptops only have one HDD slot and a SSD is amazing for its speed and also low power use.
  2. The M3 and P3 portables will offer these drives soon.
    Newegg list the 2TB as Out of Stock.

    When the M-P 3s are available then I can extract it and pop it into my Laptop
  3. Some laptop have 2 HDD slots, but it only has it, when it's customized with RAID drives.
  4. 667GB per platter (4.9 square inches) is a higher density than the 1TB per platter (9.6 square inches) seen on new 3.5" drives. not counting for the motor of course, but I'm guessing the sizes of those are proportional.
  5. It's amazing that these new drives only uses 2.3 watts during operation. Not too shabby for a mechanical drive.
  6. @xiinc37 yes historically 2.5" laptop platters are 1/2 the capacity of 3.5" platters, for instance 500GB instead of 1TB/platter. Having 667GB per platter is the first of it's kind.
    Impressive but wonder if it'll become a hybrid hard drive option sooner rather than later.
  7. While this is indeed nice, Id love an improvment in laptop battery life.
    I got a gaming laptop and if unpluged from the socket wall, it changes automaticly to a non-gaming laptop, not to mention the battery is about 1 hour 30 minutes only.
  8. thats amazing; but SSD's are the future.
  9. and not SATA connected SSD's, but PCI Express SSD's. 800GB+ per second i've seen these operate in the wild. There is no going back to mechanical media.
  10. sorry 800+ MB per second, not GB. My bad!
  11. I would rethink that "JackFrost860" with hdd possibly offering 40tb of space in the next couple of years.
  12. If the drive has a platter to spin , it will give u trouble in future with bad sectors and who knows what else .
    so companies even if u make a "paper thin HDD" , still not good enough . Better work on SSDs...
  13. At first glance i thought it was great. Then i saw Seagate and said F this and F them with their 1 year warranty.
  14. I'd love to see the Surface Pro 3 implement these hard drives. Microsoft has given us a laptop replacement tablet, let's get some laptop replacement storage to go with it!
  15. My experience with HDDs is that since 1994 i NEVER had a issue with a HDD failure...and yes, one of them was deactivated only this year and was running since 1994.

    OTOH, i heard a LOT of horror stories about SSDs.

    SSDs won't catch up with HDDs any time SSDs increase in capacity, so will HDDs.

    Let's not even talk about price per GB....

    Notice that as SSDs density increases , lot's of problems with data retention are creeping in....a lot more problems than with HDDs.

    However, i also like SSDs....for example to run OS and apps from it , a nice 120GB SSD/mSATA is ideal....complement that with a nice high capacity HDD for storage and you get it right....
  16. PS:
    ...and a 2TB 2.5" 9.5mm thick HDD was precisely what i need for my mITX new build, so hurry up Seagate and release it to consumers ;)
  17. @AJSB your just lucky i own a computer store ever since the floods most hard drives i order both Seagate and WD fail before 1 year past 3 years i have sent back dozens of drives the drives they sent back fail before 30 days at 100% failure rate.
    I sold about 50 ssd's not one single drive has been returned.
    I see hard drive failure every day on average i repair 4 computers a day most hard drive failures are laptop hard drives.
  18. I believe you when you say you repair a lot of hard drives and that a majority of those are from notebooks or laptops. I am a repair technician too and I see the same thing. That is becuase people are stupid and move their laptops and notebooks around while they are running or they drop them or dont even bother to be gentle with them when moving and setting down. Ive only ever had 1 of my personal hard drives crash on me. In a desktop that I had for years and served as my main source of downloading and burning. That drive had to have been like 8 years old or more.
  19. Laptops/computers with 2 slots could use 1 SSD and 1HD. Maybe one day MSFT/Intel will manage to get Fusion like performene on Windows.
    I have a couple of macs with Fusion (1 SSD/1HD). Beside benchmarks you can't "feel" that you use a non pure SSD drive. Apple have at least some logic where they put the OS on the SSD.
    My PC laptops with SSD caching. 1) MSFT don't put the OS on the SSD. 2) You loose the space of the caching drive (you don't loose any space in Fusion) 3) Performance is horrible quick. Just one bigger file copy: it starts ok but after just 10-15 secs the performance goes down below a pure HD config.

    To bad that Thunderbolt is so expensive. (and remember, TB was Intels purposed USB3 standard. We could all have this great technology today). USB3 is not 100% stable. Anyone that have tried to put main working hard drive over USB3 will see that Windows drops connection to it sometimes. Especially at USB resets.

    TB is a pure PCIe standard. Its 100% stable = you can put working/live filesystems on it.

    The point being: Laptops/computers with 2x2TB standard hard drives + TB 500 gig SSD = you get SSD performance 90% of the time + have 4.5 terra space. Enough to have media library and workspace.
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