Lenovo Wanted to Purchase BlackBerry

This may be one of the reasons why BlackBerry is no longer for sale.

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  1. Chinese want to purchase everything. Wonder whats gonna happen when the real estate bubble pops in China.
  2. The Canadian government have a point of keeping secrets from the Chinese. However, if they are so concerned about it why don't they buy the company for sake of national security? Oh yeah, government owned telecom company would be a bad thing.
  3. Will not accept Chinese owners, but willing to let the NSA bug everything.
  4. It's been mentioned a couple times already (besides this instance) that Lenovo has been strongly interested in BlackBerry. Unfortunate that BlackBerries are used in governmental agencies worldwide so this would be a massive security concern.

    I feel bad for the stakeholders of BlackBerry as this places artificial limits on their potential choices. China has money, but it's a security concern; yet consumers in the West have passed over BlackBerry leading to declined fortune.
  5. Considering how many government agencies use (or used) blackberry in the past this really can't be much of a surprise... Heck until 2 years ago the American military was using blackberries exclusively. I'm sure the Canadian government wasn't the only one against a Chinese corporation taking over Blackberry
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