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Guys I'm sorry if I keep asking which videocard to get, my father (who's also a techie) suggests a much cheaper videocard, While I aim for better FPS. Anyways, he had a few suggestions and we used to see which Vidcards are better..

apparently my aims are:
Radeon HD 7770 Which is much suggested as it is cheaper
GTX 650Ti (boost or not) More powerful than 7770 by a bit.

however my father wants THESE to be included in the list, but since those two are the good ones, when using hwcompare, they seem to rival those listed above somehow..

Radeon HD 6790 (which matches 7770 in a weird way)
GTX 650 (a bit more powerful than 7770)
Radeon HD 6970 (which overtakes all listed above)

my budget range is from $155 to $190, yes I know I already get 7770 and 650Ti boost, but it'll take a little bit more time, however 6790 and GTX 650 are much cheaper (here) so I can actually get them now, the question would be if those 3 that my dad suggested would be a good match for those that I'm aiming for :(
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  1. Between $155 and $190, you should be able to pick up a Radeon 7870. That's a very solid card for the money. The 6970 is just slightly slower than the 7870, but if you can, go with the 7870.
  2. The 7870 is almost for sure you great option. It can run most games very well, and leaves room for the future to possibly add a second, allowing for ALOT of graphics capabilty for a low price.
  3. okay thank you for the advice! :D
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    Solved and closed.
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