How much do prices on computer parts drop on Black Friday/Cyber Monday?

I'm looking at a budget pc build and I would much rather get it for $350 than $550. My friend who is pretty tech savvy claims he got his $1000 gaming pc for $500. I was wondering if this was true and how much would I save on this build?
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  1. Black Friday, you need to buy consecutively and smart. Items go out of stock very fast on newegg during BF because a lot of people try for the same thing. Don't buy the parts at the same time, order them when each one goes on sale. As you move on, it gets cheaper. I saved $430.00 on the last rig I built through newegg because of the price variance. Make sure when you purchase with PCPARTPICKER that you have all of your prices coming directly from rather than amazon or ebay.
  2. I am also trying to save on Black Friday to build a computer. So are you saying I put all items to newegg and then have it set to alert if it goes below that price?

    Wouldn't the alert work without having it set on newegg anyways? Is the site that up to date during black friday? Or do I need to check newegg each hour or something??
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