How much RAM will I be able to use with Windows 7, 64-bit


I have windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and I know that it has a limit of 16 GB of RAM.

I was wondering...

1. Will the computer/windows 7 64-bit still work if i put in 32 GB (bus 2400) of ram even though Home premium has a limit of 16??

2. If the computer/windows will work with 32 GB but only use 16 GB, will my motherboard/computer function when the RAM has a bus speed of 2400, and the motherboard's limit is 2200??

3. My final question is kind of the same, instead of getting 32 GB, what if I get 16 GB but with a bus speed of 2666, will the motherboard/computer/windows be able to handle that but at a lower bus speed or something??

Sorry if my questions are stupid, don't know that much about components.
The reason I ask is I inted to upgrade my whole system next year but I need to buy more RAM right away in order to play the new COD game (Ghost) I just bought...i got 6 GB now but game says it needs more, can't start it.
Don't have the money now to upgrade the whole computer but i don't really want to spend money on just buying a little more RAM now when i gonna get a lot more next year. Rather buy all the ram now, just want to find out if i will be able to use it in my present computer...or at least some of it.

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  1. Have you tried applying the RAM fix that can be found on torrent sites? It works for people that have less than 6GB of RAM
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