Razer Kraken PRO vs Razer Carcharias

Recently my x12 headsets mic started to go all staticky on me, now everytime i use the onboard buttons my headsets, it would buzz and be louder on one side then the other. Also when I wear for x12 for a long time, 1 hour, my ears would start hurting so much. So i decide to get a new headset but have no idea which ones to choose, the Kraken and chacharias was on sale and i wanted to get one but i have no idea which to choose as in performance and comfort. Is there any other recommendations? It has to be under 100$ bucks though
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  1. Can anyone? please help
  2. People say the Carcharias is great for music and gaming at the same time. I'd personally go with whichever costs more but thats just me, lol
  3. any more answer? Please help
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