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Hi everyone! This is my first time posting on this site and also my first time building a pc and would love some suggestions! The main thing that I would like to be able to do is school work through google (I know anything can do that) and also dual monitors is a must along with HDMI out. An SD card reader would be fantastic as well since I have an eBay business and Need to upload photos to the computer which there will be a lot of. Decided to build a PC instead to learn more about PCs and to hopefully get a good understanding of how they work and seeing as how this is an investment I would love to be able to upgrade my investment in the future. There is no CPU preference between Intel and AMD and If it can fit in a Cooler Master 690 II that would be fantastic!! I love that case and hear good things about it. But if there is a better case in your opinion please let me know! Also, no need to include peripherals in the price I am looking for, I will buy those seperate. Gaming will not be too extensive, maybe some guild wars 2 every now and then and possibly civilization and things like that. Mostly for work. My budget is around 400-600 if that is possible and please let me know if it is not. I am excited for my first PC build! I may be installing linux OS and that is free so do not include cost of OS
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  1. 400-600 in what currency?
  2. Ronaldspiers said:
    400-600 in what currency?

    Oh very sorry!! USD is the currency.
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