Building my first PC for next gen gaming, opinions and possible improvements on parts?

I am in the process of picking out parts for my first build and I want to get your guys opinion on my build and components. I want to build a computer that should last a long time without needing to be upgraded and that runs most games on ultra settings. My main goal is to run BF4 on ultra setting at 60-80 FPS without breaking the bank. This is my attempt at that kind of build. Please give your opinions and improvements on my build. Thanks :D
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    I'm not too familiar with AMD but these components seem pretty damn good. I think you should get your 8 gigs of ram in the form of 2 sticks. Also, get a different mobo. I'd recommend the ASrock extreme4 motherboard ( It's only $50 more and it's compatible with RAM over 1333mhz. Plus, it's a better board for overclocking.
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