Its been 3½ years with singleplayer, now i want to game on..

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Hullo people!

Can you recommend several good servers with serious people playing?, i've
had OFP for all the time and i've only played online maybe 20 i
want to make up for the lost time until OFP2 or what it will be called comes

Help me out people please.

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    Get OFP Resistance, patch it to 1.96
    Then in Resistance u got a ingame server browser where u find much
    servers, the green ones r waiting for players (just read right) the red
    ones r allready playing.
    there r mainly this kind of maps: cti, coop, ctf, dm, c&h
    make sure ur ping is below 200ms on the most server if u want to play
    ctf/dm or u get kicked.
    good luck.
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    playeeng weeth yourself ees bad for you

    group action ees they only place to be
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    ur fooked oop
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    eets greem oop narth
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