I7 VS i5

Hey guys, So i'm saving up for a new CPU/Motherboard/RAM

Currently using a AMD Phenom II X4 945, which is pretty much outdated and is having trouble running the latest games like BF4.

I'm wondering what CPU should i get? Just a 4th gen i5 or should i go with a I7-4770k
Personally i'm leaning towards the I7. When i do get a new rig i'm wanna start some streaming and some video editing. I've googled and came across plenty of threads but most are from 2011's
And since its almost 2014 now i'm wondering. Is it worth the extra 100 euro's for a I7?

And can i expect to get a decent increase in FPS if i upgrade my CPU in games like BF4 ?
And my last question, will i be able to stream with eas(No fps drop or atleast not below 50/-60 if my GPU holds up "GTX 760")

Thanks in advance,

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  1. In combination with a I7 i'm thinking about ASRock Z87 Pro4. Can overclock with this MOBO? never really overclocked. i know how it goes, but not sure how to see if a mobo is compatible to overclock.
  2. ur gpu seems it can run bf4 at high to medium setting not ultra but thing is if u have budget to get an i7 4770k and mobo then i say go for it u can still play games in hd with ur phenom i recommend u too get an ssd drive too boost up ur game note u r cpu is fine to dun game in high
  3. Ive also been wondering a bit about i5's vs i7's lately as well. With the "Next gen" consoles having 8 cores should we expect i7's to really take a lead here in the future?
  4. @ Monu, Hmm sorta. my GPU should be fine indeed. how ever, my CPU is really taking a hit, for instance when i'm playing COD and i'm loading a map my whole PC starts to lag like hell and my friends on teamspeak can't even hear me anymore. my CPU spikes to 100% And i'm already playing on a SSD and i love it lol.

    @ Vedeyn

    Same here, thats why i think it would be better to save up that 100-+ euro for a I7.

    But all in all, my current CPU is no where near able to stream games like CoD or BF without a huge FPS drops to the point where it gets unplayable!
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