OC Suggestions (Newb here) for i7 4770k!

Hey guys, just got my rig up and running and would like to perform some moderate but stable overclocking to squeeze a little more out of the machine.
> i7 4770K (dunno if its a good one yet or not)
> Asus Z87-Deluxe
> Corsair Vengeance 2x8GB 1866MHz
> Corsair 760i PSU
> EVGA GTX 760's in 2-way SLI

Very new to this concept so any suggestions would be appreciated. My main concern at the moment is whether or not OCing the CPU with the given PSU will draw more than the allocated wattage. The computer seems to run fine with the current SLI configuration and I believe I still have SOME headroom for OCing.

Thanks in advance for your consideration!
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  1. The PSU is rated at 760 watts. I have played around a little bit with some moderate results. So far stable at 4.4GHz with auto-voltages set on (just messed with the multiplier). Temps are low at 60 C. I'll make sure to take a gander at that link you posted.

  2. Did you stress test with Intel Burn Test or AIDA64? OCCT works well too. What's your idle temp and load temp?

    At 760 watts it should be more than enough, a single 760 should draw about 170 watts. And your CPU should draw 100 watts MAX.
  3. Prime95 has been my main source for stress testing at this point. I have not had the time to monitor the system for an extended period of time like I would like (2 hours tops so far). Idle temps are around 30 C and load temps with my current settings (mostly auto for the exception of adjusting the multiplier) are hovering around 60 C. I have noticed that the auto-voltages are a tad on the high side (1.3ish)...might try to lower those and see if it's stable. If I could get 4.5GHz I would be happy happy happy.

    Not entirely sure how to "use" Prime95...just been doing "First Time Test" with 4 jobs. Is that reasonable?!
  4. I don't like to use Prime95 because it takes too long. It's great once you got everything dialed in though. Do 10 passes on Intel Burn Test on "High" (my favorite way to dial in new overclocks, it's fast), or FPU on AIDA64 for 30 min to an hour. Both will pretty much confirm that you're stable. For higher overclocks auto is not suggested because as you can see, some voltages may go too high.

    Note that IBT and AIDA 64 FPU may get your core temps really high, real world applications may never get your temps that high but you'll know with confidence your CPU will be able to take anything you throw at it.

    So start lowering your voltages and see how you fare. Don't put them on auto. Good luck!
  5. Dang It!! Made this thread a discussion and it won't let me convert it to a Question... Oh well, really appreciate the help!
  6. oOSlushyOo said:
    Dang It!! Made this thread a discussion and it won't let me convert it to a Question... Oh well, really appreciate the help!

    sounds like everything is going pretty good! Hope you got your answer! :)
  7. 4.5 is just out of my reach for now. Sticking solid at 4.4 with manageable temps and no BSOD. Thanks again for all of your suggestions!

    I actually tried the 4 way optimization that came with the board and it waaayy OC'd to 4.7 and some odd ball voltage values. BSOD popped right up after trying to do a high set burn in...won't be using the 4 way opt in the future.
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