Xbox 360 + New TV, resolution problems

I recently purchased a 32" Samsung 1080p LED TV from Amazon and am having some trouble getting the resolution right with my Xbox. When the Xbox is set to 1080p, everything looks pixelated and rough around the edges. From what I've read this could be an upscaling problem, but when set to 720p, it looks just as bad.

When I set the Xbox res to 1680 x 1050, everything becomes smoother and much better looking, but is a tad bit stretched and with black bars. I've tried changing the Picture Options on my TV in this setting, but it won't let me select Screen Fit, only 16:9 or 4:3, which doesn't help. I am sitting relatively close to the TV, keep in mind, and when I move farther back, it is less noticeable.

As far as I can tell, I can try getting a different TV, or this just an unavoidable issue for an old console with a new TV. I realize that is a definite possibility, so if I have to deal, I have to deal. Luckily, I'll be able to upgrade consoles at some point next year. Just wondering if anybody has had a similar experience or any advice.

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  1. "As far as I can tell, I can try getting a different TV, or this just an unavoidable issue for an old console with a new TV."

    Pretty much got the nail on the head. See, when you set the 360 to 1080p, it actually renders the game at 720p and renders the post process image to 1080p, so setting the game to 720p is giving you the same game resolution with a worse image resolution. There are some resolutions that can make this worse or better, which is why 1680x1050 gives you a better image.

    [tangent]Also, as a side note, please don't sit so close to a screen that big. It's not bad for your eyes, but it's defiantly bad for the muscles that help you focus your eyesight. Sitting that close causes your eyes to strain to focus for that long of a time. If you still want to play games close to the screen, take a minute every 30 minutes to focus on something far away, like clouds or trees outside. You can do this between games or on loading screens. This keeps your eyes from getting strained. Again, this won't affect your eyesight, but it will affect the health of the muscles in your eye (which control focus). HDTV manufactures suggest 5-10 feet of distance for a 32 inch.[/tangent]
  2. Thanks for the response. Yeah, I guess my solution is sitting further away, which is definitely better for my eyes, as you said, and waiting for console technology to catch up, which thankfully is soon.
  3. No problem; could I get that best answer click? I like badges :D
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