I7-4770k Enough to stream 720P with?

Hey guys! i'm wondering, will this badboy be enough to stream games like the new CoD &Battlefield without a FPS Drop?

Currently i'm using a AMD Phenom II X4 945 which is pretty outdated, And i was shocked when it was able to run BF4 30-50 FPS. And CoD is really putting a strain on my CPU when i load everything slows down, CPU Spikes to 100% so its time for a upgrade!

If anyone wants to know i'm using a GTX 760 as a GPU.
But my main question is, Will i be able to stream with a I7-4770k ?
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  1. Easily. You can probably stream 1080p with that setup.
  2. Really?! Wow thank you! Someone told me i was gonna have trouble even gonna stream 420p... was kinda getting scared haha:)
  3. That person was... not smart... Not sure what they were thinking. I'd appreciate best answer if I was able to help.
  4. Haha yeah was kinda finding it odd to, Sure thing? But you have to tell me how do i do that?:D Kinda new to the forum ^^
  5. Yes, very well as ewok said. You could save some $$$ and go for a FX 8350 if your motherboard supports it, streams better than the 4770k in some cases. Both are beasts.
  6. You can just wait for shadowplay been able to stream, should be in the next couple of updates or so.
    But yea a i7-4770k can handle 1080p 60fps.
  7. Awesome :) Yea been using shadow play to record, Its pretty sweet can't wait for the next few updates, Thanks guys!
  8. No problem. To pick a best answer, there should be a little icon that says "pick as best answer" somewhere in my post. JOOK-D is right, the 8350 is a bit cheaper and in some cases streams better due to the extra threads, but it does require a different motherboard. I would also get the 8320, it is just an underclocked 8350. You could get the 8320 (or 8350) and a new motherboard for less than the 4770k.
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