Asus gtx780 OC vs GTX770 sli vs AMD289X cf

Asus GTX 780 direct CUii OC for 130 euros

Gtx 770 by gigabyte windforce 3x OC for 36 Euros (and I have to buy 1 more for sli setup in the original price)

Asus 280x TOP OC, totally free and I have to buy 1 more in the original price for crossfire setup.

I turned in my old gpu, thats why the prices are really low or I pay 0 bucks for the first card.

What would you pick for you and whats the most feature proof setup? My distributor send me today the differences in the price for my replacement and I am in a big dillema. Dont forget to vote the poll

PS: I am not interested for 290 or 290x, because they are HOT and my country is extremly hot at summer times! So 95c makes it impossible playing games at summer.
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  1. Hmm thats tough I think for the price the 770sli or get the 780 for a bit more the in a few months get another 780 and be happy.
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