Sony Launches PS4, the Newest Generation of PlayStation

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  1. they launch it and you cant even buy it.
  2. That's pretty normal at launch... wait a few months, get others to beta test it for you, get the first hardware rev and you'll be set.

  3. That's odd. The country that is the home of Sony is behind a US launch. Normally Japan gets the new Sony/Nintendo consoles and we have to wait it out.
  4. I remember when PS3 came out, the news media was all over it and you see lots people camping outside for days just to get one.
  5. As a PC gamer I welcome the arrival of the PS4 even though I won't be buying it. That is because games ported over to the PC will not be as watered down anymore since the PS4 is 8x more powerful than the PS3 and also shares a common architecture with the PC, meaning devs can spend less time porting and more time polishing.
  6. Excuse me editors but I believe Watch_Dogs is not coming out until at least Spring 2014
  7. I picked up my pre-order last night at BB. There were about 80-100 people there, some with pre-orders and others waiting to purchase the rest. they say they hold the pre-orders for 8 days and then release the ones that are not claimed (might be a good time for others to check back). Anyhow, cant comment on the game graphics yet, the interface seems similar to the PS3 (nothing to steller there). I started it this morning so I could have it download my copy of BF4 while I was at work.

    I will say that it is very disapointing that the titles that are most interesting are the ones that have the longest delay (such as watch dogs). This reminds me of Killzone 2 for the PS3 which showcased the game (with a fake video) and then when the PS3 was released, Killzone 2 was delayed (for about 2 years).
  8. yeah time to challenge my pc :) i think the gtx 670 can hold everygame at 1080p full
  9. Is it just me or does it seem like there is far less hype this generation than the last one? I have a lot of gamer friends and I don't know anyone that is planning on getting one of the new systems until early next year. Maybe everyone is just wary of new consoles after the Wii U fiasco and wants to wait and see. I wonder how many PS3 users will get the PS4 without realizing that you have to pay for online play.
  10. It was very simple for me. I have a Wal-Mart about a mile from me and I had put 10% down in September for pre-order. No lines, no hastle. Walked in about 12:15AM and was home with it by 12:30 or so. The PS4 is very nice, but I don't like that you have to go through the PSN to get online with it. Oh well, regardless that the PC can be more powerful, there will still be a lot of system exclusive games that I don't want to miss out on.
  11. PC is the only true next gen platform. Game at 2560 x 1600.
  12. how well does it play with a 4k display???
  13. How long will it be before we see these being resold on eBay for extra cash due to a shortage of the initial run?
  14. otacon said:
    soldier44 said:
    PC is the only true next gen platform. Game at 2560 x 1600.

    Why? Spend $400 and not have to upgrade your hardware for 7 years or spend that much every year to stay current.

    The yearly upgrade cycle myth is delusion from console gamers with inferiority complexes.

    I haven't spent anything on my PC in three years and it can play BF4 better than the PS4...which still isn't even 1080p HAHA. I even got to enjoy BF:BC2 and BF3 at 1080p over that time, while you were at less than 720p at 30fps.

    1080p standard for the next five years? Your not even there yet on battlefield 4. Not to mention ZERO backwards compatability and fees to play online = false economy.
  15. [Disclaimer: I'm a PC gamer and build my own rigs]

    I'm a PS3 owner as are a lot of my friends. Only one that I know of plans on buying one this year. The rest of us plan on waiting well into next year. Most of us got burned on the $500 original "fat boy" and had to buy a new "slim" a few years later. The fat boy had a TERRIBLE laser failure was easily repairable by yourself by buying the part, or you could send it in to Sony and pay them $150 with a 90-day warranty. However, the replacement lasers usually failed within a half year for those who bothered either way.

    We are going to sit back and watch a while. Besides, there is still plenty of PS3 gaming and Gran Tourismo 6 comes out Dec. 6 for it (no PS4 version until 2015 at the earliest which will likely be GT7). Also,"Drive Club" for the PS4 has been delayed until March 2014 at least...hope that won't turn out like all the delays we saw with GT5...
  16. If Microsoft suddenly changed their specs to be vastly superior then the Xbox One would dominate 100% and those PS4 pre-orders would become a wasted $400 check to Sony.
    Though the PS4 would still stay the same because of it's released status.
  17. South Afrida? Really Jane? :-)
  18. Yeah, no rush here as well. Waiting until more real world comparisons are out. I did watch the PS4 demo on Jimmy Fallon and looks pretty cool with the camera option.
  19. Playstation and Xbox consoles have been & are a failed attempt by large corporations to monopolize the gaming industry. Xbox lost Microsoft $4 billion over 4 years, much of that $4 billion was spent on title exclusivity: paying developers of PC games NOT to release those games for other consoles or PC. For the cost of a ps4/ Xbox One & a few games one can build a PC much more powerful both in terms of graphics acceleration & raw CPU power. (aka: runs higher polygon count models with better textures & effects at higher framerates) PC's can be upgraded over time to match the needs of new games which allows game devs to take advantage of new tech as it's released into the market while maintaining scalability of settings for older PCs. Meanwhile console software & tech are frozen in time for 5 more years.

    If something goes wrong in a PC we can RMA JUST THAT PART & replace it easily, rather than ship back the entire system. Consoles are now & always will be for the sadly misinformed marketing-dominated people who cannot fathom that games are nearly 8 years behind what they could & SHOULD be as a result of the console manufacturers play for market dominance. This limits games both graphically & control-wise due to console's simplistic, slower & less precise controllers (meanwhile PC can use any peripheral controller in existence including console controllers) The PC hardware market has lots of competition driving both technology forward & prices downward. PC games are hugely cheaper because they are distributable digitally by companies like Steam, GoG, Origin and Amazon DD.

    I love games but I hate consoles both from a player AND a developer standpoint. If they were upgradable, compatible with any & all peripheral controllers/hardware, didn't limit the progress & quality of games & actually belonged to us once we buy them (so that we may install any software/operating system we want & use them as we wish) then consoles would be awesome! or wait... no, they'd be Personal Computers for gaming. High fives & respect to anyone who smashes a PS or Xbox & comes over to the free future of quality gaming: Personal Computers
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