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I have an old Hp a6275c and I want to upgrade it so that I would be able to game on it. I am planing to buy these parts during Black Friday and want to spent as little as possible but still have solid parts. I am still indecisive on what PSU, GPU and SSD I am going to get. It will be great if you guys can help me pick out the components. Thanks!

Here is the list of parts I want to upgrade to:
Intel Core 2 Duo e4500 ---> Intel Core 2 Duo e6700 (Best CPU MOBO can support)
Stock 250w ---> Corsair CX500M or EVGA 500B (Any recommendation for PSU?)
GT 610 ---> MSI 7850 or 7870 or GTX 650 Ti Boost SC or GTX 660
1 WD 320gb Blue + 1 WD 1.5tb Green ---> SSD for boot drive
(Any recommendation for a SSD that is a best bang for your buck?)

Will these parts be a good upgrade for my pc? Is there any components that you recommend me to get instead?
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  1. I agree with kristian, you will not see a big difference with the cpu upgrade that you chose.. I upgraded from an e6500 to e8400 and saw a difference but wasn't able to enjoy today's game on medium settings.

    A new rig is the way to and have at least 4GB of RAM, Max 8GB
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