XFX AMD Radeon HD 6850. Can't use 3 monitors.

I'm trying to setup 3 displays for my AMD Radeon HD 6850. I'm trying to use a DVI monitor, a VGA->DVI adapter for the second monitor, and an HDMI cable for a TV thats also hooked up. I can get 2 of them to work at a time, but when I try to extend desktop onto a 3rd monitor, it says "To extend the desktop, a desktop or display must be disabled"

What I've read to do and have been trying is going into Catalyst Control Center, going to desktop management, create and arranging desktops, and then I click detect displays, and right click on the one that isnt working, and hit extend, thats when I get the error message above.
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  1. To hook up 3 monitors with a single card, you need to make use of DisplayPort. Unless your monitor has a DisplayPort input, you'll need an (active) adaptor. Have a quick read up on DisplayPort, will clear up some stuff about 3 display set-ups.
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