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Hey there!

Your friendly Community Manager here. I wanted to stop by to let everyone know that we're now halfway through the big Tutorials Contest we've got underway, and there are still two months' worth of prizes to be claimed.

I won't pimp this too much as brevity is the soul of wit, your time is precious and not something I would squander, but I wanted to take a moment just to make a few quick points on the tutorials contest so far.

1. One tutorial is all it takes to enter.
2. Most who have entered have won some cash (95% win rate so far for entries).
3. Everyone who has submitted at least 2 tutorials has absolutely won to date, so your chances are pretty darned good.
4. You can take an older, detailed post you've already written and use the "Convert to Tutorial" option so you aren't starting with a blank canvass.
5. There are 10 weekly winners every week (Amazon cash) and a monthly winner (Nexus tablet).

That's pretty much the long and short of it. I encourage our veteran users and especially those who have previously written guides to dig those suckers up, format 'em and post them as a tutorial. To have the tutorial qualify, it must, must, must include a screenshot or an image - so don't forget that part. I've had to disqualify a few of 'em that were pretty good but didn't have an image associated, so don't fall into that trap. Also, any tutorial subject can qualify; it doesn't have to be from the Tutorials Bounty List.

Pertinent Links:

The Tutorial Contest Intro Page
Tutorial FAQ and Winners
How to Write a Tutorial
Tutorial Bounties - Most Requested Tutorials
Tutorial Rules

and of course:

Click here to Write a Tutorial

Thank you for your attention, and have a wonderful and most Happy Holidays!

Warm Regards,
Joe Pishgar
Community Manager, Tom's Hardware
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