Toshiba's Dynabook Kira Has 22 Hour Battery Life

Toshiba's latest Dynabook is a Haswell machine with a battery life to die for.

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  1. non-user-replacable battery in an otherwise average (specs wise) ultrabook aiming for the high-end premium market (likely due to the Kirabook name). looking at the competition in the ~$1500 ultrabook sector, all the other ultrabooks seem to look thinner in picture. so my bet would be that Toshiba stuffed a giant battery into this, filling up every crevious of space available. I wouldn't be surprised if nothing is user-replacable in this device
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  3. Only 128 Gb SSD? That's so 2012.
  4. Oh well, mine has 2 years of battery life. When off.
  5. NON user replaceable battery.....................

    my old laptop last 8yrs and still going strong, the only thing dint go that long is battery.
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