1080p video card or monitor

Hello guys
I just want to ask if 1080p depends on m0nitor or video card?

My new video card will arive 2 weeks from n0w.. r9 280x toxic
And i alm0st bought skyworth 32 inch led tv with mhl(dont know what is the meaning of this) as monitor
It said it can play 1080p video but when i looked at the manual it said that it can support pc 800x600 upto 1024x ....

So im not sure what to buy a 23 inches lg or the 32 inches skyworth.. the difference is 100 bucks

Thank you guys
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    It depends on both. Any video card made in the last 6 years can run at 1080p. The monitor just has to be a 1080p monitor. Now, for some reason you stopped telling us what the 1024x resolution was but I'm guessing that it's 1024x768 which means that this TV doesn't have the necessary 16:9 aspect ratio to properly show 1080p. It sounds like an old 4:3 monitor. Sure, it might show 1080p it but it won't be full-screen. Get a monitor that specifically says 1080p with a 16:9 aspect ratio. Otherwise you'll be sorry.
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