iPhone 5 Family Gets Game Controllers from Moga, Logitech

PowerA and Logitech have released game controllers for iPhone 5 and above, and the fifth generation iPod Touch.

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  1. If the iPhone 5 wasn't stretched and long-looking enough already... lol
  2. 99.99 for that? Sorry but its cheaper to buy something like a PSP to begin with.
  3. There is a reason Steve Jobs did not want buttons. You gotta give it to him as a visionary and as someone who knows what people want even before they thought of them. Why ruin it now?
  4. Mobile games shouldn't need physical buttons. Should be something as simple as Candy Crush, Cut The Rope and Angry Birds.

    Let consoles and PC handle the more imersive games.
  5. Only reason mobile gams don't have buttons is because phones haven't had buttons. If controllers take off more games will take advantage of it.
  6. I like the playstation controller's button layout more.
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