Cooler Master Introduces Silencio 652 Desktop Enclosure

Cooler Master has announced its new Silent Silencio 652 desktop enclosure.

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  1. Seems like the comment I made last night disappeared!

    Honestly, this looks like a recycled 690III with new plastic parts.

    As an owner of the original Scout 2 and the HAF912 Advanced, I refuse to buy another case from any manufacturer, CM included until they realize they need to stop making cases that force builders to use 120mm fans. And I will not buy a case that will only support fans that are only made by them.

    Why make the fans 180mm? Why not 140mm? The only other good company out there that makes 180mm fans are Silverstone and you have to hope that CM used the same mounting holes that the Silverstone fan can use. We all know how that went with CM cases that supported 200mm fans but you were forced to use CM Megaflow fans or mod another manufacturer 200mm fan like NXZT.

    Fractal may be my next case choice as soon as they stop with the white accent color scheme. The seem to be spot on with the 140mm fan support all around.
  2. Looks like a tower, not a desktop.

    Grats on your 'Oppsie' award Niels.
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