How many watts PSU will be required?

My specs is:
Processor - FX 8320
Mobo - Asus 970X
Ram - 8 GB 1600mhz One Slot DDR 3
Cabinet - Bijli 2 or Shield (Max 4 Fans with LED)
GPU - Gtx 760 Asus Direct CU or MSI Twin Frozr

How many watts PSU needed i am not good at it Please give me the links of recommended PSU in Amazon, Flipkart, Newegg or NCIS
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    if you use a power calculator...

    388w minimum power required however you need to step up the size a bit so you are only using about 80% capacity.

    you should buy a 500w psu however a 550w would be better.

    buying a 650w would allow you to upgrade to a better gpu later on and allow you some overclocking headroom. if you do not plan on doing this then you dont need to buy a 650w psu.

    buy a seasonic psu. or xfx (since they are made by seasonic). pc power & cooling isnt a bad brand either.
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