Upgrade Monitor or Graphics card first?

Currently on a tight budget and can either get a monitor this week or a fortnight for a graphics Having a HD Monitor with my HD 5870 Or a R9 280X with a old dvi to vga adapter Non hd shit ):

Choose for me Tom <3
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  1. I would say monitor, what is your CPU and current monitor name?
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    Get the R9 280x first. So that you get to enjoy extra fast gaming on your current monitor while waiting for the new monitor. You won't suffer loss of image quality from a VGA connection below HD resolution.

    If you get the monitor first your games will run even worse than they currently are. Yes you can lower graphic detail but its not as nice anymore.
  3. a Viewsonic some old really old monitor they dont run that bad currently huilun02
  4. I would also suggest getting the GPU first. You can upgrade the monitor later while enjoying the extra performance of the new GPU in the mean time.
  5. Not knowing your system, if you have a low resolution monitor and are getting 40 FPS a R9 280X will make no noticeable improvement .On the other hand if your FPS is low then the GPU is the way to go.

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